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Practice Drills Game

Practice drills teach or improve on a specific skill, such as addition, typing, or playing the piano. The game can either provide rigid drills or encourage experimentation. The task given to the player to practice must be completely correctly and quickly to make something good happen or prevent something bad from happening.

Example Practice Drills Game: The Frogs Are Off Their Diet!

Educational Objective:
The user will sharpen a skill.

Player’s Objective, Scoring, and Winning:
The player’s objective is complete a given task that practices a skill several times in order to:
1. Make something good happen. Every time the player completes the task correctly, the player is rewarded and something good happens. The player wins when the player has completed the task a certain number of times (and something good has happened a certain number of times).
2. Prevent something bad from happening. Every time the player completes the task incorrectly, something bad happens. The game is over when the player has incorrectly done the task a certain number of times (and something bad has happened a certain number of times).

Objects and Characters:

Media Requirements:
Instructions screen, winning screen, background image, target object image, images for the background object in its different poses.

Game Activities:

The only controls will be for completing the task (such as typing a word).

How to personalize your game and incorporate your educational topic:

  1. Decide what skill you want to work and how you can practice that skill.

  2. Decide whether your game will use positive or negative reinforcement. Will the game reward the player for completing the task correctly, or punish the player for being incorrect?

  3. What will be the reward or punishment be for player?

  4. When will the player lose or win? How many times must the player complete the task correctly or incorrectly? In the Frog game, the player loses when all the frogs have died.

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